Friend offers various services to clients on employee matters.  Our involvement helps our clients to get the right processes and controls in place within the business, reducing costs in the longer term and helping to free up valuable time and resource.


Our services broadly fall into two categories:

Employee Incentivisation

To remain competitive, employers need to reduce the tax cost to their business whilst ensuring that remuneration levels retain the best staff and keep them motivated.  We can advise you on a range of solutions that are strategically and commercially sensible and, most importantly, cost-effective.  We can offer advice on:

  • Tax efficient directors’ and employee remuneration
  • Share plans and bonus schemes for directors and employees
  • Pensions

Risk Management

We are aware of the risks that employers face in light of continually changing legislation.  We are able to assist businesses in assessing their current risk by performing reviews to ensure that employers are compliant with their tax and NIC duties.  We can advise on;

  • PAYE and NIC issues
  • Construction Industry Scheme compliance
  • Internationally mobile employees
  • The tax aspects of employment contracts
  • Tax issues surrounding termination of employment