Friend offers valuation advisory services to clients, either as part of a transaction or for a separate exercise, such as a tax reorganisation or shareholder disagreement.


Valuation is a complex process. It requires in-depth understanding of the business’s financial and non-financial information, the market in which it operates, the assets and liabilities within the business and its competitors, together with factors such as the legal and regulatory environment.  Effective valuation advice combines the right blend of analysis, experience and professional judgment.

We have extensive experience of valuing shares, businesses, tangible and intangible assets in a variety of commercial and  contentious contexts.  We combine a qualitative analysis of your business with extensive quantitative calculations to provide indicative views on business values.

Valuation can help you improve your decision-making, resource allocation, key employee remuneration and overall performance.

More information can be found in our service line brochure which can be downloaded via the link below.


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