We have a very impressive list of fellow professionals with whom we work on a regular basis to support our clients with all round advice. Our list has been built up over 30 years and is truly international. As a result of the work we have carried out, and are continuing to do so, for our North American clients we have a very strong professional network in the United States.

Our partners enable us to support our clients with an holistic offering.  If a client needs a lawyer, banker or other professional we have a vast roster of trusted partners which we can call on to service any issues our clients might raise with us.  

Those partners working with us recognise the breadth and depth of our experience. This results in a free flow of work opportunities.  It also ensures a strengthening of the relationships. This  has proven invaluable for our extensive client base.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that the service we provide our clients is the best it possibly can be.  Having first rate partners at our side, to support out talented partners and staff, enables us to provide exceptional levels of service to our clients.