As chartered accountants we are used to delivering our professional services in challenging circumstances. Our aim is always to exceed our clients’ expectations with financial advice and support which adds value and is valued by the recipients.

We have talented individuals throughout the firm bringing their professional knowledge and experience to bear in a personable and approachable manner.

We are all always available for our clients with commercial, timely and practical advice for all issues large or small.

Our commitment to all our clients is to:

  • Provide professional input and support whenever and wherever it is needed;
  • Give timely, practical and commercial advice;
  • Have open and honest communications at all times;
  • Ensure that there are no unpleasant fee surprises;
  • Invest our time in getting to know and understand our clients; and
  • Ensure that our senior personnel are available at all times to deal with client issues.

Our overarching aim is to become ‘trusted adviser’ to all our clients such that their partner contact at Friend is one of the first persons they call when they have any issue of concern.

If you are looking for new professional advisers please make contact with us so that we can meet to discuss the possibilities and tell you more about the Friend offering.  There is no fee, and no commitment, with our ‘getting to know you’ meetings.

All professional relationships rely on personal interactions and work best when the parties enjoy working with each other.  Our initial meetings with potential new clients give them the opportunity of seeing how professional and approachable we are and how rewarding working with us will be. In turn we gain from these meetings the knowledge necessary to determine how best we can support new clients with our range of specialist services.

If you are a fellow professional seeking help and support with a client issue, or want someone to help with a piece of work which is beyond your professional remit, we would be delighted to hear from you. We have many such relationships where we are on hand to bring our skill and expertise to bear for the benefit of colleagues, and their clients, in many different professions.